Monday, July 25, 2016

Faith Like Grandma

A faith just like my grandma
Is what I long to gain;
Her trust it never wavers,
Regardless of life's pain.

She is strong and sure,
Her God does never fail.
When storms of do life darken,
She trusts Him to prevail.

I have studied many hours,
Learning deep theology;
But my truest times of learning
Were at my "Grammies" knee.

Without the fancy wording
Of a deep and heavy book,
She taught me simple trust,
"He is Sovereign" says her look.

So when I face my own trails,
I will know that from His hand
Flows a sweet and bitter providence,
And His plan is beyond grand.

This sort of faith is what God asks,
And indeed, what He requires.
Therefore, I thank my Grandma,
For this faith which she inspires.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Little Boy

Little boy, running in the sun,
Hands to the side, eyes to the breeze,
Buzzing happy, like the bees.

Little boy, running in the sun,
Take the sidewalk extra fast,
Turn left, then fall, into the grass.

Little boy, running in the sun,
Pause--pick up a basketball.
Shoot, miss, it hits the wall.

Little boy, running in the sun,
Your life is simple, yet so grand,
Makes adult life seem rather bland.

Little boy, running in the sun,
Come in now, the day is done.


Welcome to the new home for my stabs at poetry. They generally aren't much more than stabs, but I hope you enjoy them.