Monday, July 25, 2016

Faith Like Grandma

A faith just like my grandma
Is what I long to gain;
Her trust it never wavers,
Regardless of life's pain.

She is strong and sure,
Her God does never fail.
When storms of do life darken,
She trusts Him to prevail.

I have studied many hours,
Learning deep theology;
But my truest times of learning
Were at my "Grammies" knee.

Without the fancy wording
Of a deep and heavy book,
She taught me simple trust,
"He is Sovereign" says her look.

So when I face my own trails,
I will know that from His hand
Flows a sweet and bitter providence,
And His plan is beyond grand.

This sort of faith is what God asks,
And indeed, what He requires.
Therefore, I thank my Grandma,
For this faith which she inspires.


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